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Les Sur-Mesures
Self Portrait perfumes
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HJ Laboratory 6

The Maison continues to create unique Sur-Mesure (Bespoke) imprints for those seeking the ultimate affinity of an encounter with themselves. To achieve such a miracle, the Maison Henry Jacques begins a long exchange with the future initiate in a skillfully orchestrated ritual.

A dialogue to get to know them, or even surprise them, in order to paint them, and only them, their own “self-portrait perfume”.

Experience the self-portrait

From the discovery of olfactory notes during the consultations to the composition and the production, the path to the Grail of Unique Perfume is slow, enriching and exhilarating.

The creative process which spans over four months at best, is an incredible journey, made up of stages, hesitations and sudden flashes of clarity. The length of time devoted to it greatly contributes to the success of the process.

The very first appearance of the perfume, reserved for the owner only, is the crowning achievement in the search for this signature scent. An olfactory dream come true, a perfect harmony, an absolute imprint. This “Self-Portrait Perfume” wears the person just as much as the person wears it, writing the musical score of their most intimate emotions.

And so as to always be available to its owner, this perfume joins the Maison’s archives. Unique, and intended for one person and one person only.

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