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Les Exceptions:
the culture of rarity
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The exceptions concern those with a refined eye, on a quest for rarity, who swear by the “exception to the rule”, vivaciously dismissing all that is ordinary and reasonable.

The exceptions are “the Toupies” or “Renaissance” collection - for those who exhibit a taste for uniqueness and extravagance, revealing the authority and independence of mind of those who adopt them. The happy owner of a perfume so rare holds an “exclusive passport” in his hands, giving him the free will to control his perfume to infinity. The Maison has a commitment to always look after its precious source.

Les Toupies: Acrobatic duos

Quickly becoming the center of attention, the “Toupies” appear on stage like so many other fictional characters, lighting up the scene with their differences, while keeping to their own character.

Working as a pair, the ‘Toupies’ engage in dialogue. Each essence taunting and seducing the other, as if to say “Who will you wear today?” A head-spinning question that celebrates the delicate pleasure of indecision.

To date, three couples have been created. First there was Mr. H and Mrs. Y, a direct homage to Henry and Yvette Cremona,then N ° 16 and N ° 81, partners in a modernist waltz, and finally Fanfan and Galileo, who dance out a dashing and dreamypas de deux.

Beneath the fanciful design of the ‘Toupies’ however lies a miracle of technical feats with months of production taken to achieve this incredible sized crystal. The ‘Toupies’ manage to be both models of meticulousness and a whirlwind of fantasy, ableto conjure up an almost childish amazement.

Renaissance: Imaginary masterpieces

And then there is the Jewelry collection – currently with 6 editions – which, without nostalgia but with a great sense of romance, reinvents a fantasized golden age of Perfumery:The Renaissance. When essences were still elixirs, reminiscent of far away lands full of mystery.

Renaissance is an “unreasonable” upheaval that breaks free from the norm and dares to revive, with a certain splendour,an opulence that we thought had been forgotten. Adorned with flamboyant gems, and gold filigree, Renaissance finds its origins in a painting by Bronzino, where the incredible precision of the damask dresses and gold brocade contrast with pale, translucent skin.

This intriguing mix inspired Christophe Tollemer, the Maison’s creative director, to roll out fabulous works from Lune White Diamond and Karavane Citrine to Carroussel Rhodolithe,where extreme rarity meets the utmost luxury.

Released in a few designs, like an artist’s proofs, these Perfumes are like extraordinary journeys in time and space. All is reinvented, with Renaissance borrowing its magic from a blend of sources, from Eastern fantasy and orthodox bulbs to divination balls and something from a pleasure-seeking future.

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