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Les Classiques:
A new art of living
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HJ Les Classiques de HJ Vert Gallant
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With a wealth of 50 different skin scents, Les Classiques symbolise a refined art of living, embodied in the sophisticated array of essences, mists and third to come…
So many different gestures to allow each individual to find their own Imprint.

Maison Henry Jacques presents its Classiques in several forms: Les Essences, Les Brumes or Solids. Depending on the wearer, the experience is different; whether it’s a specific gesture oran intimate ritual, it sets the tone of that moment. By adopting the different nuances of the perfume with a corresponding mood, a real art of living begins to take shape.

An art of living heightened by our rituals, as the Classiques become decidedly contemporary and part of our every day,in varied and familiar forms: a bottle placed in a room, a bath product or even a travel kit. So many refined ways to follow one’s unique life rhythm.

A Fresco of 50 Perfumes

Like a living fresco, 50 fragrances are at the core of Maison Henry Jacques. It’s from this variety that Maison Henry Jacques owes its incredible olfactory freedom. An independence that inspires the twists of surprising harmonies, exaggerated concentrations and more adventurous fragrance.

Just like an aesthete that expands his wardrobe, everyone can build their own olfactory range and develop their Imprint by composing their own collection as they wish. There are those who will explore every expression of a key ingredient and others who are more whimsical, venturing from one olfactory family to another.

Natural, unadulterated, pure juice, they are the exact unaltered reflection of the nature they were born in. Meanwhile, the Maison’s signature array of fragrances forms a subtle gradation, like a beautiful rose window.

HJ Les Classiques Visuals 1
A few drop on the skin

Sheltered by its bottle, and given the exceptional concentration of juice, “one drop and only one” is enough to awaken these precious essences.

Reincarnating this forgotten and yet distinguished ritual, the perfume, with the use of a crystal rod, is applied directly to the skin, restoring all its carnal presence.

If, according to Paul Valery, “the deepest thing in man is the skin”, then it is not surprising that the perfume resonates in the most beautiful way possible. It unfolds, “amplifies” you and accompanies you. Total affinity.

Les Brumes: A Contemporary vision
of Eau de toillette or perfume

While diffusing with a spray has become second nature, Maison Henry Jacques has long sought to bring meaning to this gesture, wishing to infuse it with a refinement and precision in accordance with the Maison.

After much research, in 2019 the Maison created Les Brumes, which transformed the practice that has become almost mechanical into a sensory immersion of delicate precision. The easy-going casualness of a gesture has once again become a precious ritual, a moment for oneself.

For this, the Maison has multiplied the scientific tests on the dispersal capacity of perfumes in order to fully express the olfactory density of the juice. As for the spray, it has benefited from a feat of engineering to master an aerial distribution of the fragrance.

This contemporary and ecological version of a spray allows everyone to adjust their application of Les Brumes: whether, according to their mood, they prefer to caress the skin or form a cloud, permeating the silhouette and the hair like an invisible cocoon.

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