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Les Boites
à Parfums
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An object of great refinement, the “Boite à parfums” is the perfect reflection of the art of living as envisaged by the Maison Henry Jacques: a precious and discreet presence to accompany us each day. This “perfume box” will elegantly grace the alcove of a room,a bathroom vanity or a beautiful credenza… A playful display of flacons that inspires to perfume oneself, hesitate between fragrances, or simply breathe in a specific scent, according to the whims of the moment.

Available in 4 subtle colors (pink, taupe, beige or brown), this box will blend in perfectly with any décor… Its discreet refinement is a reflection of the distinctiveness and discernment of its owner, like a self-portrait. Indeed, beyond the beauty of the container itself, (the aptly named) The “Boite à parfums” serves as a showcase that reveals one’s favorite fragrances… This collection of 3, 6 or 10 perfumes is a statement about a person’s individual sensibility,an insight into their personality.

Because ultimately, each “Boite à parfums” says a lot about who we are. More than just a case, it is something of an Alladin’s Lamp, that wonderful vessel that made all wishes possible. Open, inhale, breathe, select, perfume yourself, and infuse the world with your unique imprint…

This “Boite à parfums” clearly echoes Henry Jacques’ vision of the Haute Parfumerie: perfumery that’s never dogmatic, and more than just the result of virtuous know-how. One that holds the promise of finding oneself in a perfume, of reaching self-fulfillment, of affirming oneself. Perfumery that takes its source and raison d’être from the quest for a universal ideal, the boldness of exploration, and the exquisiteness of intimacy: The Haute Parfumerie Vivante.

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