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Haute Parfumerie Vivante
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Maison Henry Jacques owes its excellence to a tradition; that of French Haute Perfumery. Preserving its savoir-faire and incredible refinement, the Maison has always followed its own path, without compromise but also without arrogance.

Its strong heritage does not hamper its free spirit, however. Enriched with new encounters and pioneering ideas, Maison Henry Jacques believes in the thrill of prototypes and dazzling concepts. Not just because it’s a sign of bespoke luxury, but because it forms a front of resistance convention. To predictability, to standardization, to consensus. Instead, it marches to its own beat, away from traditional fashion and set schedules.

By creating tailor-made fragrances born from personal moments, the quest for the unique has been at the very heart of Maison Henry Jacques’ business since its inception. Everyone is invited to find the fragrance that suits them.

Traveling wherever its fantasies and imagination takes it, the Maison opens up a world of possibilities and new desires with every new encounter. Without preconceptions, everything is more alive!

From personal conversations where the imagination can either run wild or bring sentiments to the surface, emerge perfumes unlike any other. These "skin scents" that are inevitably full of life, react and resonate with those who wear them — such is the puzzling alchemy of fragrances born from affinity.

By doing so, this personal self-rediscovery translates to a very particular way of life inside the House; refined, discreet and extremely sensual. It’s a way of adopting the lives of others, assuming their habits and following the pulse of their every day. As well as sketching out one’s own universe, a Henry Jacques Perfume allows each individual to put their own imprint on the world.

And so arises the all-important question that is as refreshing as it is humble, playful, and important:

“What will your Imprint be?"

The Collections: Revealing your imprint

According to Henry Jacques, the imprint is so much more than a trail or a single captured moment. It goes far beyond the individual’s scent notes in order to bring out their true olfactory personality.

The imprint begins with the first encounter with the Maison Henry Jacques, after being deeply “moved” by the Maison to the point of adopting one of its perfumes. This encounter leaves them seduced by the incredible range of collections and they find themselves curious about making their own Classic, as they venture into another olfactory experience.

And so follows the creation of a unique imprint, since the scents they love and select pay tribute to the individual’s personality.By revealing all that you are, this Imprint tells your story in a new light, over the course of time.

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